My Story in Thee

All Credits: Teddy

Tried something new here. Color scheme is kinda sloppy. I am including the texts of the poem.


You art pieces of the crimson sky,

The sunset whence my world never sleeps.

What for love, tis not meant you!

Live on an empty canvas till morrow escapes dearth,

For you behold colors, purely infinite beauty.

Mine life complete without gold ring or silk,

When sleep found your shoulders, and

Hands beheld your fingers even in satire need.

Death a game on cross-board, for I not fear,

Mine soul not regret, life draped with your memories.

Thoughts fly away in windows for it gather only yours,

Where mine eyes peep to tales drowned in thou smile.

Forth mine mortal body speaks humanity in many lies,

Forth what it not speaks a truth, for it’ll find you in immortality.


Haiku Time

A very good friend of mine suggested me to write Haiku so working on my first Haiku pieces.

  1. Tides became drift,

Shifted, shattered, shackled on the wave

Empty mast rode by.



  1. Life’s light

looses lustre leaving lambs lingering,

lamenting lavishly later.



  1. Amber light slept,

Moonlight walked inside the window

Eternal shadows came alive.



  1. Desire, dream, destiny

Subsequent reality of a single body,

Consequent result of each other.

Thirteen Candles

Blue moonlight, chirps of incessant waves

Deficit of solemn touch to the ground,

In between lay the legacy of thirteen candles.

A memory of thirteen brave souls is what they speak.

Curses of dark symphony, silhouette of vengeance,

Ride the wolves night and day to obliterate their sleep.

Brave prophecy of the yellow flame tames the beast in peace,

And guard the immortal desire to breath and bathe in seventh heaven.

Disgrace of empty silence drips on the feathers of snow-white wax,

Yet they burn dipped in conglomerate of thirsty valiant amber.

The last letter of infinite heartbeat weeps for the fallen spirit,

Embers of flickering flame illuminate the ashes of their resilient struggle.

Screams of distant lust and lure tear apart hues of tomorrow,

Yet these souls sleep and dream in the blessings of the thirteen candles.

History and Paradise

Stronghold of humanity and mankind

United in diversity and annihilated in differences.

They all walk the sand and what left behind,

Footprints of colours robbed of all beauty.

Some sleeps see the light and some dies,

Some bows infront of pride and some enjoy the sight.

Paths that take less pain to other end,

Milestones of regret and failure mark its way,

Yet blindness covers the absolute reflection of reality.

Trails that chastise the words of heaven are saviours,

That relinquishes the dilemma of dreams and disguise.

Barren fear of shifting time and sober darkness,

Traps the soulful prayers inside immortal Satan.

Eyes that tear apart these fabric of curses and impurity,

Grave themselves on the pages of history and paradise.

Grudge Of Past

For what your sin, you are not priest

For your very deeds, your actions die in peace.


Beyond that walk after the glimmering light,

You see reality and tragedy of a fight.


Like the ruins of Savannah, victory befits worthy,

You ride your chariot, swords follow you to your destiny.


For your shadows call the night to fall upon the road,

Your naked beauty warps the paradise on your fearless robe.


For the fear that drowns, you ride the wave and wind,

You are the ground of impeccable leaps and clear sights.


For what is possible, some remains a dark mystery,

For what is not, sleeps obliterate what goes away blissfully.


For you may become a sinner or a prodigy of the past,

For your mind be what you are and you, what you become.