Silent Tune

​”Distance is a silent tune, for we share the same Moon” -Teddy ©


It aint Far

“It’ll seem far when you’ll miss how far you’ve come” – Teddy ©


He&She #27

He grabbed her hand, pulled her close.

She held her head down, felt him breathe.

It was his mouth near her ear, her lips on him.

“I choose you when you chose yourself, in me.”



Dark Silence

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All Credits: Teddy

A short tale

It was a nice evening on the beach,

I was getting engulfed in the face


With a flicker, the eyes caught each other

I could feel the gap closing, merging further.


“200 now, 500 the night” said she,

I uttered “How much for a walk”.


a sane insanity

Getting along can be hard in life. Sometimes you rage on and sometimes you let it rage on. Categorized by our caste, race, sex, religion and status, we are all united by just one thing and that is to thrive for what we love.


Once a while, the crib turned

Insanity fell into my hand.


Words that never found any lips,

Crumbled onto my little fingertips.


Surrounded by hegemony of lies,

Some seeped into me, some died.


Few dwindling thoughts of shouting memories

What was lost, left heavily.


An aisle of persuading dreams,

Annealed onto my soared eyes.


I lie down curled, heart pounded feverishly

Questions unanswered, I closed myself gradually.


small appreciation to world leaders who have given hope to the masses


Seeking through the stronghold of humanity,
I feel myself ducked into singularity

With people turning strange to their emotions,
I feel my heart escaping this speculation

When hands clash upon the face of time,
The birds sing the pain with full rhyme

Looking at the blue sky,
I see myself touching the fading light

Seeking the world merging into darkness,
Some eyes glitter the hope of finishing this madness

They spread their love among the burned soul,
Slowly changing the world from a long lasting moan

I do not crazy for any dollar or euro,
As these eyes are my true Hero


This is my story

This life, unfolding in small pages

Pages where secrets lie on every daffodil of words

Secrets which create new vision of my world

Vision where meaning varies for various eyes

Eyes in which each emotions get redefined

Emotions which fill up every moment I live

Moments which beat into my pounding heart

Heart which smiles in every raging storm

Storms which puts tears into my eyes

Tears which fall over my book of life

Book where I paint happily my story


the rays of hope