Just some random thoughts

All Credits: Teddy ©


All powers make the superheroes. Some powers make them immortal. One power make them human.A Soul


He&She #31

‘You think I know?’

‘You know what I think.’

‘I think you do.’

‘I know I do.’

He&She #30

He held her just for a moment

A moment, enough for their story to be written

And enough for them to become the moral of it.



He&She #21

They met after many moons.

She was happy, he was worried.

She’d knew why n he’d only knew when.

Coz she’d find d soul he lost in himself.


He&She #20

He grabbed her by her hand.

She was afraid, he’d let go.

He was afraid too, she’d let him let go.


He&She #19

She was deaf and he was blind.

He’d never talk and she never left.

Everyday its his night in her eyes,

And her kiss in his fight.


He&She #16

“Don’t leave, I will come back”

“Is it a promise or a request?”

“What do you want it to be?”

“A promise within a request.”


He & She #14

He was long gone
Longer she waited
He then stopped walking
And she took her last kiss


He & She #13

” I love you”
” I know. You don’t have to say it all the time”
” But why do you get irritated”
” Possess our diversity and get obsessed by our similarity, not the other way round”