Violet Star

All Credits: Teddy ©


Somewhere in the dark we met,
And twilight of my hide and seek, waited,
You stood on my feet to kiss my lips,
My arms around you and we watched,
When this night etched us with the stars,
Two whispers dozed silently in the corner,
Tied to rhythm inside the warmth of our hug,
And there it goes, my heartbeat,
Riding with the falling blessings of the comet,
I need you to see,
My broken pieces unites with those of yours,
Far away, in lonely waves of the ocean,
They waited for us to light the empty sky,
This silence of burning nostalgia,
When every blink saw your shining violet star,
Away into the cold frozen moments,
You owned my winter sunshine,
So I feed my dreams with your silhouette,
Because somewhere in the dark we met,
Where I pulled you closer in my arms,
You smiled, when I whispered with closed lips,
“You are my violet star”.

– Teddy ©

my hero

There are always words for love and emotions and not for those who fight for the sake of us.




Seeking through the stronghold of humanity,

I feel myself ducked into singularity.


With people turning strange to their emotions,

I feel my heart escaping this speculation.


When hands clash upon the face of time,

The birds sing the pain with full rhyme.


Looking at the blue sky,

I see myself touching the fading light.


Seeing the world merging into darkness,

Some eyes glitter the hope of finishing this madness


The spread their love among the burned souls,

Slowly changing the world from a long lasting moan.


I do not craze for any dollar or euro,

Because these eyes are my true hero.