Collaboration with Artist #1

First collaboration with an artist, also a good friend. With- Subhankar Bala aka Aaron, the painter.

Credits: Subhankar Bala. 21 Aug 2016


Slow decibel, the silent noises,

I am terrified and it is dark.

Indifference bellows the path,

In steps that chastised our thoughts.

Here I am now, weeping peacefully,

Among the ruins of our existence.

I constantly search for the fallen pieces,

But they are gone with our last walk.

This crimson red trail, covered in your whispers,

Where I walk with the sun,

A fantasy to catch the night where you hide.

I am terrified and this heart is starving,

For I know it only wants you,

To serenade you our last walk.

  • Teddy ©

White Jasmine

Deep deep breath and a mundane candlelight

Then I walk outside to what exist in your exit

I sit near the fire that burns impalpable ashes

And your colors fly away with the embers

Light illuminates the broken wings of your promise

Slow summer breeze sips inside my crinkled body

The farthest stars now sit with me in my tears

The sound of your blissful laughs echoes inside me

I look up and see the reflection of my forlorn world

The dreams that you once painted are now lifeless

Everything that now exist brings everything about you

My hands hold back you memories within me

But my heart has set sail to your atoll

With each moments the darkness rises in my eyes

I will put my broken soul here and now in rest

I hope for once you follow the string of my silence

And put the white jasmine over my tomb.

Holy Grail

On the edge, beneath the paradise

A crossover between what real and what not,

And what remains, never remain.

Fidelity of your eyes draws the light

beyond the reach, breach between steps

Between us lies ominous water and we,

in between indifferences.

Can it happen,

Glimpses of our memories ride the sky?

I rest my peace in you, your smile sleeps inside me?

Can the rain complete our incomplete lucid dreams.

The eighth melody hangs on the cliff,

What often feels your touch often feels a lonely mist.

In your beauty distances can prevail,

Echoes of heaven find inside you the Holy Grail.

Peace of Silence

Unsettling winter days,

tired of the golden sun

Creeps up on the bare silent words.

Open roads crossing the bench,

walking toward the waves.

Shadows on the wall talking to me,

a pure conspiracy to pretend.

Sounds from the past and failure,

echoes of void reality.

Now its silent, smell of the burning letters.

Blame of windless hush above my voice,

I sleep over the faint solitude of peace.

A treasure lost in my darkest hours,

Dreaded silhouette of my silence.

Tears falls over the bosom, sips in

A crack, to ring the bell inside someday.

Rain and Fire

A flawless sensation certainly I’ve seen,

Perfection that shivers in your imperfect face.

A clear line draws the envy in your eyes,

That goes round and trap eyes hungry for beauty.

You smile, you blush and I get lost in your ecstasy

Those nights when god forgets to bless me,

Blessings endow upon me with your face.

A burning passion to search the truth has ended,

When you found me and my heart found yours.

I can forever admire the simplicity you show,

Your face tells thousand silent stories to me.

Your soul and heart has bestowed upon me,

A will for rain and fire to exist inside together.

the broken horizon

Sometimes in life nobody will listen to the sacrifice we have made simply because its not visible.




At the dawn of the night sky, the angels bring the first rays of light


The sleeping horizon rises to bow its presence, as the light breaks away the silence of life


The breeze kisses the flying birds, as they move the attire of the past air


As the mighty glow touches the hidden soul, the buried eyes opens to see the red rose.


Away from all these enchanting beauty, lies the horizon full of forgotten bounty


As the day passes on, the horizon seems to wait for someone to share its pain among


Now when the sun slowly dives into the darkness, the sky sings the grief of loneliness


As the sky now tells the story of the distant stars, nobody seems to remember the heart of the broken horizon.