Blue Affair


In silent speeches, nobody saw,
A shame carried to the stars,
Was it so hard to look up and smile?
When jumping waters wet your feet,
why you drew a line to let it bleed?
Higher above your pride,
It’s a home to all your iridescent hues,
Guided by your tears that lost the light,
It is how you learned to love yourself,
And I knew the words to drizzle on you,
Will you be happy to get lost in the ocean?
If it is the blue that ties your destiny with mine.


Daylight Walk

All Credits: Teddy ©

Let a day not die with the stars,

A rose breathing, alone in the alleys of heart,

Engrave the footprints on the melody waiting far,

Specs of smile tied to the whispering lantern,

Saying not to let this day die with the stars,

A road laid with words of countless affairs,

Lips will perceive the story of every scar,

Let the tears sleep with the broken ember,

Again the cliff will rift apart with the winds,

A sudden pause in the wink of blurry shores,

Don’t drink the raindrops that never saw the heart,

And let this day not die with the stars. 

– Teddy ©

Why To


A bewildered step, without words they walked,
Never they knew the sigh, left to sleep in cascaded dreams,
Eyes forever wounded with the pain of lost trail,
The night even fondled with the wishes of this world,
When they all gazed the sky to forget the burning sands,
What truth was held in their goodbye to the dripping moonlight,
Then they all walked on the emerald path, colored just by their will,
The guardian of the evening roses found them, and
Gave the stars back its sky, where love of countless body were weaved,
This world was united with the only question that painted no canvas,
When what’s left behind were memories of shadows crying and weeping,
And here the day could kiss the night among warmth of many hearts,
Why to live when why not to, now, couldn’t make them bleed anymore.

– Teddy ©


Mine Home

Credits: Mai

First time trying Poets_Prompt. Pic Credit: +Mai. Rest lines: Teddy.

Mine Home

Cramped between the green epiphany,
A place mine heart calls home,
For not the bed that awaits mine dream,
For those walls breathe bestowed upon our touch.
Tales flickering in thou memories flow,
Away with the water in echoed reality,
For pebbles revered in thee face chimes.
The grasses seen nights of full moon,
Nights began when you touched mine face.
They wonder why lies a chair when two soul live,
For they not know what lives, only found mine body,
When thee sleeps peacefully inside the tomb,
And what’s left in thee found a place,
Mine heart calls it now the Home.
– Teddy ©


My Story in Thee

All Credits: Teddy

Tried something new here. Color scheme is kinda sloppy. I am including the texts of the poem.


You art pieces of the crimson sky,

The sunset whence my world never sleeps.

What for love, tis not meant you!

Live on an empty canvas till morrow escapes dearth,

For you behold colors, purely infinite beauty.

Mine life complete without gold ring or silk,

When sleep found your shoulders, and

Hands beheld your fingers even in satire need.

Death a game on cross-board, for I not fear,

Mine soul not regret, life draped with your memories.

Thoughts fly away in windows for it gather only yours,

Where mine eyes peep to tales drowned in thou smile.

Forth mine mortal body speaks humanity in many lies,

Forth what it not speaks a truth, for it’ll find you in immortality.



Dark Silence

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All Credits: Teddy

Infinite Starlight

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All Credits: Teddy



The Dire Truth

What is word not meant for pages,

You’ll say I am silent behind my true face.

What is fear not meant for brave-hearts,

You’ll say I have seen all that comes apart.


You’ll come and suffice with hymn my heart doesn’t sing,

Memories you lived, hopes you’ve sowed creeps away

and you’ll say I write because my truce has never

made it your way.


What is sleep not meant for dream,

You’ll say illumination inside me are reflection of dormant beam.

What is life not meant for love and lust,

You’ll say I’ve walked roads engraved with dusk and dust.


You’ll come and close the gaps, in-between I am trapped,

Faces you’ve drawn, kisses you left creeps away

And you’ll say I write because my prayers has

never seen more than your dismay.


Are you blind to the silence of your shadow?

Where I wake up every morning and grow.

You’ll say life has moved on beyond my watch,

I am still counting the days lost by your gift of botch.


You’ll say I am never meant to be yours,

And am I only meant for your abhors?

You’ll say I lost every fight I lived in,

Am I suppose to win where I have not been?

You’ll say I only write because I cannot ride the flight,

And when your speech will die, corpses of my dire truth

will show you why I write and a goodbye.


A short tale

It was a nice evening on the beach,

I was getting engulfed in the face


With a flicker, the eyes caught each other

I could feel the gap closing, merging further.


“200 now, 500 the night” said she,

I uttered “How much for a walk”.