Holy Grail

On the edge, beneath the paradise

A crossover between what real and what not,

And what remains, never remain.

Fidelity of your eyes draws the light

beyond the reach, breach between steps

Between us lies ominous water and we,

in between indifferences.

Can it happen,

Glimpses of our memories ride the sky?

I rest my peace in you, your smile sleeps inside me?

Can the rain complete our incomplete lucid dreams.

The eighth melody hangs on the cliff,

What often feels your touch often feels a lonely mist.

In your beauty distances can prevail,

Echoes of heaven find inside you the Holy Grail.


He & She #9

“You are the best gift”
“But you are also gifted with your friends and family”
“They are what I live for and you, why I live for.”

Tiny tale.

She was angry, he was sad

And he kissed her on lips

Then their emotions interchanged,

Yet he hugged her with no regrets.


A short tale

It was a nice evening on the beach,

I was getting engulfed in the face


With a flicker, the eyes caught each other

I could feel the gap closing, merging further.


“200 now, 500 the night” said she,

I uttered “How much for a walk”.


rain and glass

perfect timing can create magic even with phone cam.