He grabbed by her hand,She was afraid he'd let goHe was afraid too, she'd let him let go


Add a littleLike almost every dropI'm moving fastWith every milestone stopI'm looking backWhy can't it be your touchthat trickles down my lipsStuck to the corner in piecesI keep searchin


The Blueman The fact of being alive is traceable. Part of every star is inside the soul. One life is a million moments of secrets. Countless more that'll whisper. The lips are barefoot d


You Are It

Add a lost journey to an autumn road,Freeze the window with coffee steaming,It becomes not a complain,Not any tears robbed on the evening.Let darkness hide in the closed eyes,Hold the la

Add a lost journey to an autumn road,
Freeze the window with coffee steaming,
It becomes not a complain,
Not any tears robbed on the evening.

Let darkness hide in the closed eyes,
Hold the lantern lit with singing afterglow,
It becomes not a sunset,
Not this world without the starline.

Make mistake to count the stars,
Don’t settle on the rim of the crowded shores,
It becomes not a regret,
Not a fire that fades in the rain.

Join the half broken dreams with new one,
Ask the little countless moments what’s life,
It becomes not a lost journey anymore,
Not when they say, ” You are it.”

Teddy ©


The Story

If zero and million could exist together,Would it be infinite or explode to a pause-Hello! my masterpiece of crossing stars,Light years away yet the closest.This love is growing like a c

If zero and million could exist together,
Would it be infinite or explode to a pause?

Hello! my masterpiece of crossing stars,
Light years away yet the closest.

This love is growing like a cancer
Unexpected and then all at once.

There are countless ways to die everyday,
But only one way to live; to love you.

One day, You’ll know why I asked,
When You’ll know nothing can exist together unlike us.


Fingers are not even. Failure never evolves. Changes are permanent. Concepts are relative. Admiration is strength. Tide waits for the moon and time waits for moments. Blessings become le


One day, you'll die. No matter how far you go, how rich you are and how good you are. You'll fall to the cataclysmic dimension of nothingness. It will be a point when you'll know everyth


Just some random thoughts

All Credits: Teddy ©


All powers make the superheroes. Some powers make them immortal. One power make them human.A Soul


My November

All credits: Teddy ©

My November
Just remember,

Your absence is what can make noise,

Feeling of being lonely is a living carcass,

This pain has ignited the unknown,

Remember, someday I will be home,

And my days will kiss your embers,

You will love the Jasmine that never bloomed,

Remember, someday, my memories will be yours,

And you will be mine November.
– Teddy ©