Chameleon’s Rose

This day I give the night its home,

The pampered snow rain inside my fist,

All I wanted is to gallop among the wreck,

If only the stars could sing my sigh,

I would give this night its home.
The celestial papacy is proud of me,

I sit on the cliff addicted to my warmth,

Sailing every night into my eyes,

To find the only sound that can be heard,

It is a heartbeat of a home I cater,

The home of a night waiting for me.
I’m sorry! Not every whisper is a blessing,

Today I give the chameleon its rose,

To live another day when it’ll bleed,

Everyday I wait a thousand sleepless dream,

To stay in the ripples of another day,

And today I give this night its home.
The skin burns in the fear of no name,

I am just a fort of crumbled sand,

Tied to the chandelier hanging below my memories,

Not every heart is broken in even pieces,

And not every night is a home I can sleep in.
-Teddy ©

Pic credits: Internet

Cold Eyes



The supper talk all night long,
Occasional stares at the winter chills,
This night whispering for the cuddles,
And it keeps growing, this night,
So far away lies the forsaken goodbye,
But still so near feels the cold touch,
Eyes closes to the chaos that hates,
Some moment that waits to get old,
Slow into the pacific dream,
Arms around this valiant darkness,
Crowned with the snow kissed sand,
These roads slain above the screaming shadows,
To befriend a soul on the last ride,
Changing withered fire that holds the sleep,
Safe inside the labyrinth of a sober sky-glow,
To call for a home made of twilight peace,
And call to fill this heart, a heart of this cold eyes.

-Teddy ©

In the Moonlight

A collaboration between me and my talented fellow writer. Playing the juxtaposition of light and darkness.

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in the moons soft light
vision is a satin veil
softening that view
heavenly clouds lend their glow
worlds moved by imagination

Growing, it is growing, the night,
Dark embers light the countless shadows,
Life then fills this distant memory,
Moonlight couldn’t feel those weeping eyes,
For its kiss found no illuminated world.

that dark night broadens
as the full moon falls down low
gathering its pain
darkness smothering the light
love illuminates that gloom

See the two lips of broken wishes,
Standing below a million eyes and a legacy,
Written pages left blank by tears,
Their story lost in this broadened dark night,
What illuminated the moon never found them.

love light not destined
to fall fortunately there
left in the shadows
of a regretful eclipse
though hope is never forlorn

This love unreplaced, this night, unguided,
Hands reach out for the glow,
This is a night of drunken dreams,
Drunken, in the streaming sorrow of that moon,
Fireworks inside you see this night never end.