Someone Like You

This poem is to a pretty face that I met and what peace it gave me. All Credits- Teddy ©



Let it flow, streaks of stardust to mine.

Face of thou sweet smile inside, it shines.

Your eyes what means first rain drops to touch,

A rage of numbness flows for they hold a power,

Magic of nightly dreams when spoken to in them.

Who to ask what beauty is, for it resides in you.

Pieces of shattered whispers escapes mine mouth,

Fort its blaze dies when your lips find mine peace.

What not life means a truce with your shadows,

It holds secrets to a kiss under moon of daylight.

A picture of million words covered in thou blink,

For what screams a life I live with your love.

Behold a journey lost where I seep thou sight,

For it starts again when mine heart meets,

someone like you.

Collaboration with Artist #1

First collaboration with an artist, also a good friend. With- Subhankar Bala aka Aaron, the painter.

Credits: Subhankar Bala. 21 Aug 2016


Slow decibel, the silent noises,

I am terrified and it is dark.

Indifference bellows the path,

In steps that chastised our thoughts.

Here I am now, weeping peacefully,

Among the ruins of our existence.

I constantly search for the fallen pieces,

But they are gone with our last walk.

This crimson red trail, covered in your whispers,

Where I walk with the sun,

A fantasy to catch the night where you hide.

I am terrified and this heart is starving,

For I know it only wants you,

To serenade you our last walk.

  • Teddy ©

Dedicated to the only person I couldn’t stop loving less.


Hidden behind those feelings,

the only truth locked away.

Words that you don’t speak means,

a lot than what you do.


The distance that I cross everyday

The days I count for you,

is nothing more than time lost

and nothing less than what

I love you.


The patience, the feelings

borns everyday when it comes to

the fight to win you.

I will wait, this life and the next,

For you to see the truth.


My heart beats inside me,

and my soul in you.

If two people are ever destined together,

it’s only you and me.




The Sight


There isn’t enough flowers in the wild,
To glow as beautiful as your face does.

There isn’t enough ink in the world,
To write all the stories I want for you.

Those little whispers, the sounds
Between here and there

The perfect silence of your face that never were.

Time that has brought you is never enough,
to scratch my thoughts of my belove.

My imagination of you, a kiss under the night light

I’d give my last breath,
to my love and your only sight.