Collaboration with Artist #1

First collaboration with an artist, also a good friend. With- Subhankar Bala aka Aaron, the painter.

Credits: Subhankar Bala. 21 Aug 2016


Slow decibel, the silent noises,

I am terrified and it is dark.

Indifference bellows the path,

In steps that chastised our thoughts.

Here I am now, weeping peacefully,

Among the ruins of our existence.

I constantly search for the fallen pieces,

But they are gone with our last walk.

This crimson red trail, covered in your whispers,

Where I walk with the sun,

A fantasy to catch the night where you hide.

I am terrified and this heart is starving,

For I know it only wants you,

To serenade you our last walk.

  • Teddy ©

Holy Grail

On the edge, beneath the paradise

A crossover between what real and what not,

And what remains, never remain.

Fidelity of your eyes draws the light

beyond the reach, breach between steps

Between us lies ominous water and we,

in between indifferences.

Can it happen,

Glimpses of our memories ride the sky?

I rest my peace in you, your smile sleeps inside me?

Can the rain complete our incomplete lucid dreams.

The eighth melody hangs on the cliff,

What often feels your touch often feels a lonely mist.

In your beauty distances can prevail,

Echoes of heaven find inside you the Holy Grail.

heart of love

Just want to say anybody having a bad day and is being let down in their life, you are special and always will be for someone.



Eloquent beauty lies in your face,

Heaven’s charm touch you with grace.


World aloof darkness shines in your eyes,

So serene, so pure thoughts fill the sky.

Tender lips dipped in endless love,

That smile reflects an angel of belove.


A divinity hides behind the rose cheeks,

World of calmness, stories of hope and dreams you only speak.


All the best of day and night

Lives in you, a life void of any fear and fight.


Befall the shower of blessing on this fragile dove,

Array of joy and sweetness, you carry a heart of love.