Beautiful Shadow

All Credit: Teddy ©
(My sister and her Husband in frame. )


Hey Marriott, my ecstasy of this world,
Forgive me for what i have said,
A lot of somebody stood infront me,
I don’t blame this fortified prudent smile,
It doesn’t take long for them to realize,
There is no one to stand in my way.
Down the road I will be over you,
A pause will break in your lips,
And I will come to make you my equipoise.

You’re not the one to be let aside,
I will grow with you and be your hope,
Forgive me for the time you wept alone,
It will be a thousand years we live together,
Some in our hugs and the rest in dreams,
You’ll find your soul in me when you’re lost,
All I ever wanted is to slow down with your kiss.

Open your eyes to the skyline split,
And I’ll see the stars meet in your eyes,
Forgive me for your heartbeats I missed,
I know it is the perfect love in you, my girl!
We’ll again be dancing to our favorite song,
And underneath your breath I’ll whisper,
“You are the most beautiful shadow of my darkness”
Then you’ll know I’ve met an angel in person.

Forgive me when your words were alone,
Don’t look at me with that anger, just pull me close,
You don’t know what it’s like to watch the night die alone,
Now, we will be the waves to ride with the birds,
Maybe you don’t believe my only voice,
But I will be here when you’ll wake the last mile,
And we will share the only rose over our graves.

– Teddy ©



A story of my prodigy
To be entangled in your love
Those dreams that come slow
Are the one in which you live
A candle shining with a dim glow
To fall asleep everyday in your arms
Days fold out cold and calm
Everytime I get stuck in your stares
They say good people come to go
Thats fate and you are my destiny
Will hold you from dusk to dawn
As all my demons hide in you

The ecstasy

There was a sweet melody,

A happy voice,

Singing the characters in glossy notes.

A seemingly endless tune,

Fusion of light in the dancing waves.

A sensible balance,

On the perfectly imperfect edges.

A series of wonders,

Impaling the divine darkness.

And then,

There was this never ending journey,

A boundless counts of joy

And countless bounds to the end.