Fables of Footstep

All Credits: Teddy


Summon the prayers,

Wake up to the miracle,

Don’t you hide now, it’s time

Reach out, you’ve to reach far

Wishes been granted to summer trees,

They have laid the road to your steps

You’ve worried for the days gone,

Reflection of your sleep rests in peace,

Now smile and walk the aisle.

The angels wait for you,

To hear the fables of your footstep,

Let them etch your memories,

And write them for this world.

Look, a paradise been forged for you,

Waiting for your steps to baptize the blue.

Walk like you’ve lived enough to regret,

And loved enough to live it.

A lapse to Coincide

It should have been a story

Memorandum of peace that crawled inside,

Hush whispers hide a secret infront of mirror.

Somewhere, the hands that could sing and fly

are wet now and gasps for the voice to make through.

Flickering thoughts ride the tides and,

dismantles itself just beyond a tune away.

Pages that remained holy forever are now dying,

Feathers that gave them flight lost their only fight.

Roads joining the distances lay in chaotic rest,

scars of heinous loneliness stand guard everywhere.

For once all these could just be a benevolent story,

A lapse for reality and truth to coincide

And I could have been what I am not.

Words and Wonder

Deliberate and desperate to the last scale,

Feeling sober under the taste of death,

A thousand dives inside the tomb,

The graveyard of my burning noise

Darling you talk now, later you’ll only listen.


Standing beside the milestone of silent claps,

This endless catacomb gets wiped by the divine darkness,

Mysteries of my past lay broken infront of you,

Darling you talk now, later you’ll only listen.


I walk on this journey to the find lost pieces,

Scattered and neglected on your domain of lies,

Ship’s leaving for the 3rd paradise and,

I am still counting on my blissful harmony

Darling you talk now, later you’ll only listen.


Glimmering moonlight ignites the speechless hands,

Inside my clouds of black ink you slip into darkness,

Scars of haste and wonder settle slowly on my lips,

One victory you chose, thousand defeats chose me

When the next day comes you be ready because,

Darling you talk now, later you’ll only listen.

Hope of Daylight.

Million miles I can walk

Sight of infinite fights I can watch,

I can take the kiss upon my pride

And that what has burnt me is a hope,

A hope my dreams will see the daylight,

I stand and breathe amongst the roar

The pain of remorse

Gushing inside the wrinkled eyes,

Innocence of the truth,

Annihilated the grave, tore apart the sky

I am caught in between this cradle,

Lifeless touch and stains of blood are left behind,

Speaking stories of my little goodnight sleep.

Across the symphony of my good deeds,

I feed my cold heart with the hope,

A hope my dreams will survive and wake up.

the broken horizon

Sometimes in life nobody will listen to the sacrifice we have made simply because its not visible.




At the dawn of the night sky, the angels bring the first rays of light


The sleeping horizon rises to bow its presence, as the light breaks away the silence of life


The breeze kisses the flying birds, as they move the attire of the past air


As the mighty glow touches the hidden soul, the buried eyes opens to see the red rose.


Away from all these enchanting beauty, lies the horizon full of forgotten bounty


As the day passes on, the horizon seems to wait for someone to share its pain among


Now when the sun slowly dives into the darkness, the sky sings the grief of loneliness


As the sky now tells the story of the distant stars, nobody seems to remember the heart of the broken horizon.