Rain Kisses: Collaboration

A collaboration with a talented person, a dreamer and a great poetess +Kaleidoscope. This poem personifies the rainy season, seen through the eyes of a boy (myself) and a girl (+Kaleidoscope).

Rain Kisses

Hey! Damsel of mine daffodils,
Let these million kisses find their lip,
Every succulent drop craving for your touch,
You then blush, for it then pauses mine sight,
Trickling down your frown those raindrops,
They tickle their presence on you,
and your on mine.

No, no my love, I am earth, parched
Can you see me? Cracked open at the seams
Bared to your gaze, writhing in unquenched thirst
The serine of your love’s caresses tease
More, the brontide, the torrents, inky sky
burnished in our love’s glow, more

Dandelion whiplash below your feet,
Uncharted green whiskers trembles with the raindrop,
You guard the magic of this April rain,
And you still ask, can I see you!
For this sight of tides kissing their only shore,
Can even serrate the shadows of a blind.

Held captive in the cocoon of your gaze
I am a gossamer butterfly born anew
A petal unfurling beneath rainy dew
I hold no magic, raining down on me
is alchemy of love’s deep spells and you
Watch me fade away in the monsoon of you
Watch me fade and melt into you, only you
All credits:
+Kaleidoscope © & Teddy ©.

The Masterpiece: A collaboration

This is collaboration between myself and a very generous human being and most amazing writer, +dilip vyas​ sir. The poem is Very Lengthy and I would recommend you all to take all your time to read it. We have skipped the process of editing this poem so as to retain the uniqueness of our writing style. 

The Masterpiece


The masterly brush in one hand

And a palette full of colors in another.

That’s the greatest of painters.

The all time great.

And great beyond the time too.
Yes we are talking the creator.

God. The Father Creator.

Who with our hopes and fears

Colors his painting .

And creates a masterpiece.
But still we are unhappy


With this.
He knows this so well and smiles.

And continuous his work.
It is this smile

That a dew soaked rose smiles to us amidst thorns.

The smile

That the darkness in a step well smiles when we step in.

The smile

That our ink smeared fingers smile when we write poetry.

The smile

That our own tears smile.

The smile 

That birds chirping around

Remind us when we are sad.

The feathers of summer breeze,

And every dew falling on tulip’s feet,

No truth sees daylight without his blessings, 
What brings the sun, what plays the chirps of the dawn,

His wish works it all, 
His wish, embraces humanity with all purity

His wish, colors wing with all warmth they bring,
Unbroken steps to chisel our destiny,

Counted among his powers

When he hold among his arms,

Written pages of countless trails

We are intended to walk, and

Embrace him at the end
If shadows could breath, and pillows, dream,

This darkness would only smear the faintest radiation,

What happens on this mortal land, and,

Whatever that don’t, he illuminates them all.

His will is overpowering 

And still he lets our will reign 

Supreme in the world —

His unprecedented creation .
 How do we take his creation ?

Mostly we think we run the world and hence bear the unbearably load .

We prefer to be crushed under it with little love and more fear.

And barring the humankind every species is just grateful for His wonderful creation.

Look how even a tiniest wild flower lifts this mountainous load so smiling.

But we still hesitate

And again He smiles

And continues with His work.

Of creating a masterpiece.     

Among the lips, find the brethren of Euclidean dream

Among the stars, find the letter that hide your demons

And among them all, don’t fail to peep inside you,

Where his grace keep your soul bounded,

 to countless shores.
This life, laid in many traps and yet, enough

to let your story embrace the humanity

Let his hands bless you, let him show the journey

Let him teach you to dream, and you will know something!!
To every how and why, 

the mind and the heart will sync, 

When the screams inside the head will die down, 

a voice will whisper ” Who is he?”

Then you will know, he is the Masterpiece. 
– Dilipvyas © & Teddy ©

Magic Of Ace: A Collaboration.

This is a collaboration between myself and amazing co-poetess +Laughing waters. It was fun writing together.


Magic Of Ace

Shadow repel the truth
Work of mystic force
Eyes tear the flickering letter
Ace of all trade,
Between the symphony and serenity
The tremors of a dream,
whizzing pass the gloomy eyes
Saying, the lust is a grave
I am the trump of all trade,
The magic in my hands,
Don’t fall for it
Oh! but you have gloomy eyes,
Now, begins the disguised game
You have the king and,

ace in your sleeve
touch of Blue
dark glasses
and you thought
you played safe
let me tell you
right now
this is how this story
will end
when you touch
when you kiss
when you hold
I was nice
but you pull out
wrong card
this time I’m the one
who is holding
that Ace in the sleeve
you still can’t believe ?
baby it’s real
I played you too
no more disguise
look in my eyes
fire on ice

All Credits: Teddy © &
Laughing waters ©

In the Moonlight

A collaboration between me and my talented fellow writer. Playing the juxtaposition of light and darkness.

Screenshot (15)


in the moons soft light
vision is a satin veil
softening that view
heavenly clouds lend their glow
worlds moved by imagination

Growing, it is growing, the night,
Dark embers light the countless shadows,
Life then fills this distant memory,
Moonlight couldn’t feel those weeping eyes,
For its kiss found no illuminated world.

that dark night broadens
as the full moon falls down low
gathering its pain
darkness smothering the light
love illuminates that gloom

See the two lips of broken wishes,
Standing below a million eyes and a legacy,
Written pages left blank by tears,
Their story lost in this broadened dark night,
What illuminated the moon never found them.

love light not destined
to fall fortunately there
left in the shadows
of a regretful eclipse
though hope is never forlorn

This love unreplaced, this night, unguided,
Hands reach out for the glow,
This is a night of drunken dreams,
Drunken, in the streaming sorrow of that moon,
Fireworks inside you see this night never end.

Collaboration #2: With another Writer

A poem based on the very theme i.e writing with another person without having to meet and greet that person. With Time Traveler

Poetic Collaboration

When two minds individually wandered into the universe
Lost was the exterior, only random ideas & thoughts to disperse
Waves of energy colliding one another, exploding as a sublime burst
Endearing a collaboration of creativity, such is man’s thirst
Not knowing one another, only the souls were connected
Commencing a conversation in silence, imagination depicted
Synchronizing perspectives into a realm of enchanting poetry
Weaving freely across all dimensions of envisioned reality

Is that what tends to flow, a sober mingle?
Strangers beyond the realm of touch
Is that what creeps, a decorous mist?
Fear to get lost with a crowd of bleeding trust
Is that what hides, a soul with blessed curses?
Clasped fingers to hold hands sleeping in night
Is that what testifies, a game of unfamiliar grounds?
Moments were endowed upon with eyes of graceful magic
Did it rain, when dreams were lived with this magic?

When thoughts descended on paper, like river meeting the sea
Enacted was a surreal dance, by emotions flowing endlessly
Concatenated into one writing, in psychedelic verse & rhyme
Two humans jiving together, intertwining both step & time
Born from this amalgamation, a reel of verbose hallucination
Endemic to the circumstance, a new world of collaborative creation
Faulty may be such lines to the mankind’s logical observation
Does it really matter, when the effort was ordained by unification

Far into a world of annealed cross-time
A picture drawn with lust, eyes closed and tied hands
A sole magical mind took a journey with the clouds
Twinkling stars were touched, feet burned in moonlight
Possibilities of sore infinity meet with these hearts
Never a walk reside on the barrens of lifeless pages
Never pieces of reality kissed with dubious lips
If ever robes of imagination meet with these hearts

Copyright © Sourav Biswas & Time Traveler

Collaboration with Artist #1

First collaboration with an artist, also a good friend. With- Subhankar Bala aka Aaron, the painter.

Credits: Subhankar Bala. 21 Aug 2016


Slow decibel, the silent noises,

I am terrified and it is dark.

Indifference bellows the path,

In steps that chastised our thoughts.

Here I am now, weeping peacefully,

Among the ruins of our existence.

I constantly search for the fallen pieces,

But they are gone with our last walk.

This crimson red trail, covered in your whispers,

Where I walk with the sun,

A fantasy to catch the night where you hide.

I am terrified and this heart is starving,

For I know it only wants you,

To serenade you our last walk.

  • Teddy ©