He&She #27

He grabbed her hand, pulled her close.

She held her head down, felt him breathe.

It was his mouth near her ear, her lips on him.

“I choose you when you chose yourself, in me.”


He&She #25

“Will you give up?”

“Could you?”

“How could I ever?”

So, will you ever?”


He&She #23 

He wasn’t a warrior still he fought.

She wasn’t a princess still she loved

World didn’t accept still they held themselves.

What couldn’t be done they did it.


He&She #19

She was deaf and he was blind.

He’d never talk and she never left.

Everyday its his night in her eyes,

And her kiss in his fight.


He&She #18

She had a friend, a best friend and a lover. 

He asked which one is him!

She whispered all of them.


He&She #17

You said “nothing is impossible.”
I said “that doesn’t mean everything is possible.”

You said ” what’s the difference?”

I said ” Attitude.”


He&She #16

“Don’t leave, I will come back”

“Is it a promise or a request?”

“What do you want it to be?”

“A promise within a request.”


He & She #15

“You should go.”
“Go where?”
“Go anywhere except to me.”
“Been to everywhere, except of You.”


He & She #14

He was long gone
Longer she waited
He then stopped walking
And she took her last kiss