Why To


A bewildered step, without words they walked,
Never they knew the sigh, left to sleep in cascaded dreams,
Eyes forever wounded with the pain of lost trail,
The night even fondled with the wishes of this world,
When they all gazed the sky to forget the burning sands,
What truth was held in their goodbye to the dripping moonlight,
Then they all walked on the emerald path, colored just by their will,
The guardian of the evening roses found them, and
Gave the stars back its sky, where love of countless body were weaved,
This world was united with the only question that painted no canvas,
When what’s left behind were memories of shadows crying and weeping,
And here the day could kiss the night among warmth of many hearts,
Why to live when why not to, now, couldn’t make them bleed anymore.

– Teddy ©

The Place

The fire set into motion,

To the farthest dark and cold.

Rebellious scream flows inside,

To bring down, grind you in weakness.

Rage of every failure drowns in you,

Rage of untapped victory line haunts,

Convincing voices to stepdown, to become nobody,

Resonates in every missed and lost footsteps.

Unite with the whisper of your heart,

Whisper that says, “You are born to believe”

Dare yourself to redeem your faith,

Dare yourself, to shine like the sun.

The life is a perception of breathless moments,

Your are the judge, to make it flawless,

You be the creator, to make it a legacy.

One day the scars on your face will rise,

And you will reach a place you always knew.
– Teddy ©

the broken horizon

Sometimes in life nobody will listen to the sacrifice we have made simply because its not visible.




At the dawn of the night sky, the angels bring the first rays of light


The sleeping horizon rises to bow its presence, as the light breaks away the silence of life


The breeze kisses the flying birds, as they move the attire of the past air


As the mighty glow touches the hidden soul, the buried eyes opens to see the red rose.


Away from all these enchanting beauty, lies the horizon full of forgotten bounty


As the day passes on, the horizon seems to wait for someone to share its pain among


Now when the sun slowly dives into the darkness, the sky sings the grief of loneliness


As the sky now tells the story of the distant stars, nobody seems to remember the heart of the broken horizon.

A story of a cup and some thoughts. my first short story.

The Warp

It was cold winter evening, a time when the best thing to do was to sip hot coffee and devour yourself in the warmth of the people near you. Unless you are a lone wolf , when the only warmth you can get is off the cup you holding and sole breath of yourself. Though on my part I was surrounded by people, enough to jostle up the air and still when I swallowed the coffee it didn’t feel as it was supposed to.  Was it cold?? No. Visible amount of steam was floating up and it felt as if that petite amount of hot air was trying to do its best in staying back inside the cup as I was trying to unite with whatever the sound reached my ears. I was sitting covered with my quilt and with all my worldly pleasure being lost at that very moment and yet the mind was flying somewhere with its own pair of wings. Momentary glitches of laugh, talks and noises did brought back my eyes to the figure on the cup which stared back at me with the same dept of blankness as I did. And then the slight pokes of excitement on my hand that did remind me I was not a avid participant in the ongoing culture of laughs and gags. When their heavy breath landed under my chin, i realized it was my time to extend the lips and instead my hand did a faster journey with the cup to reach my mouth and I hid my reluctance to laugh inside the cup. Eerie voices of my current dilemma echoed inside me and  a battle was raged with my thoughts to reach a point out of the paradox . I closed my eyes periodically to emphasize on the slim amount of dizzy I was getting, though feeling sleepy at that moment of time, in that ecstatic environment is that least pathetic way one can lie to avoid the situation. But that was barely the grim option I was left with to hide the only thing that can ruin the atmosphere. Behind those closed lids, I was crossing my version of the universe to get to a point where many lines followed by big question marks would change to a simple statement with much simpler full stop after them. Sometimes it feels so desperate that you can command the situation around you and then you realize in doing so, you will end up directing all the arrows of doubts towards yourself. Perhaps in my case, not only doubts but figures of concern will hit me as people I am surrounded by plays annealing role in my life. So asking them to stay quite or permission to evade the room was not a very sane action for me. Henceforth I relied on the wings of my mind to take me away to the place where all the hands of the clock would stop working.  Even the senses that were responsible to obliterate the cold around with affection of disturbance surrounding me were flying to find those full stops.  Thats the reason I was missing the very reason I was holding the cup. Maybe I shouldn’t have been there on the first place.