Fort Chills (Triolet form)

The rift inside a cold dark palace
Frozen senses of the cold winter Paris

Romantic as the northern aurora borealis

The rift inside a cold dark palace

Ignites the seat where we kiss our genesis

The stare of eyes burns like the Polaris

The rift inside a cold dark palace

Frozen senses of the cold winter Paris
– Teddy ©

Story of prodigal happiness

This is a short conversation story between two friends.

“………Are you sure you are not blind?”

“Why? What’s wrong with my vision?”

“OK, first answer my question. So are you happy in your life?”

“Me? No not yet. I am working night and day to get to my dream and to be successful.”

“When do you think you will get to your dream?”

“The day when I will have enough to be happy.”

“Do you see that ice-cream seller over there?”

“So now will you compare me with him?”

“No absolutely not. If you go and ask him is he successful what do you think will he say?”

“He will say no of-course because he is just an ice-cream seller and may not have enough to be happy.”

“So you think people who do not have enough cannot be happy.”

“Maybe not I mean how would I know? I have never been to that place.”

“If you never have been to that place then how do you know you don’t have enough?”

“Well what’s your point?”

“OK, do you remember the days when we were kids and play together in my backyard?”

“Yes I do. Those were very beautiful memories of my childhood.”

“Were you happy then?”

“Yes surely I was happy.”

“So did you have enough back then to be happy?”

“But, then we were kids and happiness was always to go and live out.”

“Happiness has always meant this only.”

“So now I have to learn from you how to be happy.”

“Do you even know why am I having this conversation with you?”

“Because you are a school teacher and you go on correcting others.”

“You met your best friend after 2 years and you greet with just a handshake.”

“Cummon! I am having a real frustrating day and what do you expect from me?”

“I lost my job today and brought us a ticket to the finals. Thank You.”