Grudge Of Past

For what your sin, you are not priest

For your very deeds, your actions die in peace.


Beyond that walk after the glimmering light,

You see reality and tragedy of a fight.


Like the ruins of Savannah, victory befits worthy,

You ride your chariot, swords follow you to your destiny.


For your shadows call the night to fall upon the road,

Your naked beauty warps the paradise on your fearless robe.


For the fear that drowns, you ride the wave and wind,

You are the ground of impeccable leaps and clear sights.


For what is possible, some remains a dark mystery,

For what is not, sleeps obliterate what goes away blissfully.


For you may become a sinner or a prodigy of the past,

For your mind be what you are and you, what you become.


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