My Backlash

The best story and the greatest poetry,

Never make it to the pages you read.

The acts of love that fall on your lips,

Every word, every verse skips pages for me.

Every midnight I wake up to the beat,

And see you snuggle in my dream peacefully.

O Lord! Let me live here, in this moment,

Where all my wrinkled and tattered thoughts,

skip away to the demon and I’m left with her.

I look into the mirror and not see a sane body,

But reflection of a beast tamed by your innocence.

My years will someday befall to immortality,

And flowers will grow upon my heart and soul.

Someday my prospect will become your past,

That day I’ll look back and read my story again.


He & She #14

He was long gone
Longer she waited
He then stopped walking
And she took her last kiss

Hope of Daylight.

Million miles I can walk

Sight of infinite fights I can watch,

I can take the kiss upon my pride

And that what has burnt me is a hope,

A hope my dreams will see the daylight,

I stand and breathe amongst the roar

The pain of remorse

Gushing inside the wrinkled eyes,

Innocence of the truth,

Annihilated the grave, tore apart the sky

I am caught in between this cradle,

Lifeless touch and stains of blood are left behind,

Speaking stories of my little goodnight sleep.

Across the symphony of my good deeds,

I feed my cold heart with the hope,

A hope my dreams will survive and wake up.

Restful Days

Hidden deep and dark, inside you

Thoughts, I know not what they speak.

What hides in the curses of divinity,

That creeps and anneal in our eyes

Days when I held you, now lay in rest.

Two worlds when met on the autumn morning,

Drowned and sunk in the farthest nights.

Sadness now drifts on the summer throb,

Days when I saw you, now lay in rest.

I wish this silence, die in our cacophony

Ears are now strange to the voices,

That once caught the light in your eyes.

I wake up with a heartbeat, leaking memories

Standing alone through the wave and bleeding,

Then night comes, I pass out soundlessly in regret.

Days which had memories, now lay in rest.

Rain and Fire

A flawless sensation certainly I’ve seen,

Perfection that shivers in your imperfect face.

A clear line draws the envy in your eyes,

That goes round and trap eyes hungry for beauty.

You smile, you blush and I get lost in your ecstasy

Those nights when god forgets to bless me,

Blessings endow upon me with your face.

A burning passion to search the truth has ended,

When you found me and my heart found yours.

I can forever admire the simplicity you show,

Your face tells thousand silent stories to me.

Your soul and heart has bestowed upon me,

A will for rain and fire to exist inside together.