Face Without

O Heavenly angel, bring back mine symphony,

Melody of a love, ripened on a summer evening,

Let mine imagination replace the only sun,

To million reflection of a truce, for mine,

Cannot sing a night, without stars,

Gone days of winter bloom, mine self now warm,

Moments of mine enlightened afterglow, look upon you,

Something not beautiful beyond your realm,

Oh no! Darling mine hands hold only each other,

Cramped inside, a heart once united with a soul,

Don’t mind lips show you, canvas of a journey,

Tell me! Don’t mine eyes hear you sigh, to come,

Dawn of mine skyless world, flew away,

What only remains, a face without self.
– Teddy ©


He&She #30

He held her just for a moment

A moment, enough for their story to be written

And enough for them to become the moral of it.

heart of love

Just want to say anybody having a bad day and is being let down in their life, you are special and always will be for someone.



Eloquent beauty lies in your face,

Heaven’s charm touch you with grace.


World aloof darkness shines in your eyes,

So serene, so pure thoughts fill the sky.

Tender lips dipped in endless love,

That smile reflects an angel of belove.


A divinity hides behind the rose cheeks,

World of calmness, stories of hope and dreams you only speak.


All the best of day and night

Lives in you, a life void of any fear and fight.


Befall the shower of blessing on this fragile dove,

Array of joy and sweetness, you carry a heart of love.

When I saw a girl and left with an awe. Inspired by true events from my life



The mighty sea, the great cliffs

Among them saw a princess in leap,


Thought of an angel lost from the fairy tale,

But its the incarnation of the heaven itself.


That glow, that charm quivering on her face,

The whole meadow danced with an enchanted pace.


The silky hair that hung on her tender face

Felt the night moon hiding behind the cloudy haze,


The beauty of her presence,

Filled the air with a glowing essence.


Her brisk pace, towards the silhouette

The world bowed to the approaching princess.


Her smile that enslaved the time in limbo,

Array of love brings back happiness with her.


All these sight vanished, away from touch and dreams,

The princess left, but trapped in my heart it seems.