Beauty Is In Freedom

Life is hard. We all are tied to responsibilities we can’t ignore. Reaching the pinnacle of success is what we all yearn for. But in this process we fail to realize what is beautiful. Beauty, as  now in the society, is synonymous to being attractive and popular. And all these beauty hardly reflects the spirit of a human being. The liberation of a human heart from all sins and prejudice is the truest definition of beauty.


Water flow in reminisce sorrow,
Spool ticks in waves of noises,
the beauty folds in the sleeping sight
Tonight the sun rose again,
devoid by the winter winds,
when the stars found their light
in thee eyes.

Embers of paradise found thee,
where the sun rose in farthest dreams
No life born without love of thee
for what brings hope, hope to fly,
Blooms in eye of thy octave,
Serene hues brought us to unite
And ignite flames of our soul.

The bellow jasmine streams
a love in tune with the wings,
a feel of miles tide
screams fall down below,
tied to the stars in sight
yes beauty is in freedom!

  • Teddy ©

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