A lapse to Coincide

It should have been a story

Memorandum of peace that crawled inside,

Hush whispers hide a secret infront of mirror.

Somewhere, the hands that could sing and fly

are wet now and gasps for the voice to make through.

Flickering thoughts ride the tides and,

dismantles itself just beyond a tune away.

Pages that remained holy forever are now dying,

Feathers that gave them flight lost their only fight.

Roads joining the distances lay in chaotic rest,

scars of heinous loneliness stand guard everywhere.

For once all these could just be a benevolent story,

A lapse for reality and truth to coincide

And I could have been what I am not.


Restful Days

Hidden deep and dark, inside you

Thoughts, I know not what they speak.

What hides in the curses of divinity,

That creeps and anneal in our eyes

Days when I held you, now lay in rest.

Two worlds when met on the autumn morning,

Drowned and sunk in the farthest nights.

Sadness now drifts on the summer throb,

Days when I saw you, now lay in rest.

I wish this silence, die in our cacophony

Ears are now strange to the voices,

That once caught the light in your eyes.

I wake up with a heartbeat, leaking memories

Standing alone through the wave and bleeding,

Then night comes, I pass out soundlessly in regret.

Days which had memories, now lay in rest.

Chaotic Peace

Eyes endowed in hatred she never saw

What she wanted was to live to the end,

She grasped the noises in her heart and mind

Memories that blew apart inside her,

A dusty heap of ashes flew from her past.

She let herself walk on the silent mess,

And forgot why the tears crowned on her lips

She was trapped inside the guilt and into her quilt,

Dark thoughts ignited and engulfed her in remorse.

And in this rubble and chaos she never saw,

She lost herself and her beauty inside her.

a sane insanity

Getting along can be hard in life. Sometimes you rage on and sometimes you let it rage on. Categorized by our caste, race, sex, religion and status, we are all united by just one thing and that is to thrive for what we love.


Once a while, the crib turned

Insanity fell into my hand.


Words that never found any lips,

Crumbled onto my little fingertips.


Surrounded by hegemony of lies,

Some seeped into me, some died.


Few dwindling thoughts of shouting memories

What was lost, left heavily.


An aisle of persuading dreams,

Annealed onto my soared eyes.


I lie down curled, heart pounded feverishly

Questions unanswered, I closed myself gradually.

Dedicated to the only person I couldn’t stop loving less.


Hidden behind those feelings,

the only truth locked away.

Words that you don’t speak means,

a lot than what you do.


The distance that I cross everyday

The days I count for you,

is nothing more than time lost

and nothing less than what

I love you.


The patience, the feelings

borns everyday when it comes to

the fight to win you.

I will wait, this life and the next,

For you to see the truth.


My heart beats inside me,

and my soul in you.

If two people are ever destined together,

it’s only you and me.