Work of Wet Art


Gift of myths aroused with the colors,
Of old and forever waves when came home,
Lost in the arms of tide, lost with the love,
Reading with the sigh of those storms screaming.

Lighthouse waiting for his bride in peace,
Counting the countless rainshowers,
Waiting for these splashes to know how,
How a half broken fire light up the whole sky!

Alone, guiding the water to every tears,
A whirlpool of silent cries lived the shores,
Some hanging petals of lust reaching the depth,
To be the evening on every forgotten eyesight.

Long were the arms craving to be touched,
The other broken wishes burnt with its fire,
Never a step taken away from these curses,
The sea softly doused the beach to its peace.

-Teddy ©
Photo Credits: Internet

Violet Star

All Credits: Teddy ©


Somewhere in the dark we met,
And twilight of my hide and seek, waited,
You stood on my feet to kiss my lips,
My arms around you and we watched,
When this night etched us with the stars,
Two whispers dozed silently in the corner,
Tied to rhythm inside the warmth of our hug,
And there it goes, my heartbeat,
Riding with the falling blessings of the comet,
I need you to see,
My broken pieces unites with those of yours,
Far away, in lonely waves of the ocean,
They waited for us to light the empty sky,
This silence of burning nostalgia,
When every blink saw your shining violet star,
Away into the cold frozen moments,
You owned my winter sunshine,
So I feed my dreams with your silhouette,
Because somewhere in the dark we met,
Where I pulled you closer in my arms,
You smiled, when I whispered with closed lips,
“You are my violet star”.

– Teddy ©

Daylight Walk

All Credits: Teddy ©

Let a day not die with the stars,

A rose breathing, alone in the alleys of heart,

Engrave the footprints on the melody waiting far,

Specs of smile tied to the whispering lantern,

Saying not to let this day die with the stars,

A road laid with words of countless affairs,

Lips will perceive the story of every scar,

Let the tears sleep with the broken ember,

Again the cliff will rift apart with the winds,

A sudden pause in the wink of blurry shores,

Don’t drink the raindrops that never saw the heart,

And let this day not die with the stars. 

– Teddy ©

Deciphered Secrets



This night may not say how beautiful you are,

I saw your secrets lingering, searching for lips

You silenced all questions that grayed this darkness

They never said you would blink with the stars,

My pacific crowd of lost sleep was replaced,

Oh no, listen! it’s the wind blowing and whispering

That I would never find you or your star,

My heart can now tell that you love me and,

You’ll love me till nobody can return this sight,

Your heart is my sky and I glow in your yellowish tinge

Oh! they think I am just a flower with a mortal life but,

Look! how you shine for me and the world I can never replace,

Yes! they will consume us someday and leave our ashes behind,

But, the sky is dark like this night and you will be mine again,

We will keep circling into infinity to a life we lived below.


– Teddy ©

Fort Chills (Triolet form)

The rift inside a cold dark palace
Frozen senses of the cold winter Paris

Romantic as the northern aurora borealis

The rift inside a cold dark palace

Ignites the seat where we kiss our genesis

The stare of eyes burns like the Polaris

The rift inside a cold dark palace

Frozen senses of the cold winter Paris
– Teddy ©

A Voyage With You

The acrylic color of medieval sea

Been around since this heartbeat was mine
Once a while these waters never sleep

And waited for the lighthouse to sing a goodbye
The cold chills of the nightly hallows

Stays behind the sound of your kiss
Two strings of the evening star falls down

And ties our hand together on a journey
They gave me just a lip to hold you

And some unspoken words to hug you
Never did a moment felt more like a memory

When you walked peacefully into my footsteps
Two different world sail together with an alibi

Someday a night will be flooded by fathoms of silence
Then these waters will carry our graves beyond the fog

And sound of the distant words will write the rest.
– Teddy ©

The Masterpiece: A collaboration

This is collaboration between myself and a very generous human being and most amazing writer, +dilip vyas​ sir. The poem is Very Lengthy and I would recommend you all to take all your time to read it. We have skipped the process of editing this poem so as to retain the uniqueness of our writing style. 

The Masterpiece


The masterly brush in one hand

And a palette full of colors in another.

That’s the greatest of painters.

The all time great.

And great beyond the time too.
Yes we are talking the creator.

God. The Father Creator.

Who with our hopes and fears

Colors his painting .

And creates a masterpiece.
But still we are unhappy


With this.
He knows this so well and smiles.

And continuous his work.
It is this smile

That a dew soaked rose smiles to us amidst thorns.

The smile

That the darkness in a step well smiles when we step in.

The smile

That our ink smeared fingers smile when we write poetry.

The smile

That our own tears smile.

The smile 

That birds chirping around

Remind us when we are sad.

The feathers of summer breeze,

And every dew falling on tulip’s feet,

No truth sees daylight without his blessings, 
What brings the sun, what plays the chirps of the dawn,

His wish works it all, 
His wish, embraces humanity with all purity

His wish, colors wing with all warmth they bring,
Unbroken steps to chisel our destiny,

Counted among his powers

When he hold among his arms,

Written pages of countless trails

We are intended to walk, and

Embrace him at the end
If shadows could breath, and pillows, dream,

This darkness would only smear the faintest radiation,

What happens on this mortal land, and,

Whatever that don’t, he illuminates them all.

His will is overpowering 

And still he lets our will reign 

Supreme in the world —

His unprecedented creation .
 How do we take his creation ?

Mostly we think we run the world and hence bear the unbearably load .

We prefer to be crushed under it with little love and more fear.

And barring the humankind every species is just grateful for His wonderful creation.

Look how even a tiniest wild flower lifts this mountainous load so smiling.

But we still hesitate

And again He smiles

And continues with His work.

Of creating a masterpiece.     

Among the lips, find the brethren of Euclidean dream

Among the stars, find the letter that hide your demons

And among them all, don’t fail to peep inside you,

Where his grace keep your soul bounded,

 to countless shores.
This life, laid in many traps and yet, enough

to let your story embrace the humanity

Let his hands bless you, let him show the journey

Let him teach you to dream, and you will know something!!
To every how and why, 

the mind and the heart will sync, 

When the screams inside the head will die down, 

a voice will whisper ” Who is he?”

Then you will know, he is the Masterpiece. 
– Dilipvyas © & Teddy ©