Magic Of Ace: A Collaboration.

This is a collaboration between myself and amazing co-poetess +Laughing waters. It was fun writing together.


Magic Of Ace

Shadow repel the truth
Work of mystic force
Eyes tear the flickering letter
Ace of all trade,
Between the symphony and serenity
The tremors of a dream,
whizzing pass the gloomy eyes
Saying, the lust is a grave
I am the trump of all trade,
The magic in my hands,
Don’t fall for it
Oh! but you have gloomy eyes,
Now, begins the disguised game
You have the king and,

ace in your sleeve
touch of Blue
dark glasses
and you thought
you played safe
let me tell you
right now
this is how this story
will end
when you touch
when you kiss
when you hold
I was nice
but you pull out
wrong card
this time I’m the one
who is holding
that Ace in the sleeve
you still can’t believe ?
baby it’s real
I played you too
no more disguise
look in my eyes
fire on ice

All Credits: Teddy © &
Laughing waters ©