Collaboration #2: With another Writer

A poem based on the very theme i.e writing with another person without having to meet and greet that person. With Time Traveler

Poetic Collaboration

When two minds individually wandered into the universe
Lost was the exterior, only random ideas & thoughts to disperse
Waves of energy colliding one another, exploding as a sublime burst
Endearing a collaboration of creativity, such is man’s thirst
Not knowing one another, only the souls were connected
Commencing a conversation in silence, imagination depicted
Synchronizing perspectives into a realm of enchanting poetry
Weaving freely across all dimensions of envisioned reality

Is that what tends to flow, a sober mingle?
Strangers beyond the realm of touch
Is that what creeps, a decorous mist?
Fear to get lost with a crowd of bleeding trust
Is that what hides, a soul with blessed curses?
Clasped fingers to hold hands sleeping in night
Is that what testifies, a game of unfamiliar grounds?
Moments were endowed upon with eyes of graceful magic
Did it rain, when dreams were lived with this magic?

When thoughts descended on paper, like river meeting the sea
Enacted was a surreal dance, by emotions flowing endlessly
Concatenated into one writing, in psychedelic verse & rhyme
Two humans jiving together, intertwining both step & time
Born from this amalgamation, a reel of verbose hallucination
Endemic to the circumstance, a new world of collaborative creation
Faulty may be such lines to the mankind’s logical observation
Does it really matter, when the effort was ordained by unification

Far into a world of annealed cross-time
A picture drawn with lust, eyes closed and tied hands
A sole magical mind took a journey with the clouds
Twinkling stars were touched, feet burned in moonlight
Possibilities of sore infinity meet with these hearts
Never a walk reside on the barrens of lifeless pages
Never pieces of reality kissed with dubious lips
If ever robes of imagination meet with these hearts

Copyright © Sourav Biswas & Time Traveler