Silence Of Screams

Words can barely describe my feelings to the recent massacre on humanity in France and around the world. Being so far away and possess nothing more than my condolence, I want to dedicate few lines.

Would you look up and cherish,

Tell me! Would you saviour victory?

When bloods you’ve spilled flow and,

ride below the feet of your children.

Tell me! Would you sleep in peace?

When your dreams cry and walk,

in between souls you’ve killed.

Hands that once fed your hungry bosom,

stood guard of your hopes and only yours,

Tell me! Would you rob humanity of them?

Would you see your children walk alone?

When you will be the sinner of your destiny.

Tell me! Did god never show you the stars?

When you decide to obliterate this world,

away from all the blessings and peaceful nights.

Tell me! For once tell me!

Does the heart not beat and

illuminate heaven inside you,

When you decide to stop their graceful melody

and listen to silence of the screams.



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