White Jasmine

Deep deep breath and a mundane candlelight

Then I walk outside to what exist in your exit

I sit near the fire that burns impalpable ashes

And your colors fly away with the embers

Light illuminates the broken wings of your promise

Slow summer breeze sips inside my crinkled body

The farthest stars now sit with me in my tears

The sound of your blissful laughs echoes inside me

I look up and see the reflection of my forlorn world

The dreams that you once painted are now lifeless

Everything that now exist brings everything about you

My hands hold back you memories within me

But my heart has set sail to your atoll

With each moments the darkness rises in my eyes

I will put my broken soul here and now in rest

I hope for once you follow the string of my silence

And put the white jasmine over my tomb.


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