is it true?? Yes for some and no for the rest.

Nothing Called True

My feeling of despair is a choking sob, a fear of being crushed under the mob

My tears falling out of control, a feeling of these moments forever stole

The sky gets dark making me feel my pain, as I stand destroyed in your domain

On the verge of emotions I face cold, cursing who am I a heart without any soul

Your ears are deaf to my anguish and despair, I live or die you have nothing to care

I counted upon every step to reach you as a bold man, Just to find my soul blown away like loose sand

I felt it worthless to pick up and continue, as my road is far away from any dew

I lay down below the callous world, saying my heart to leave me in a sunken mold

On my journey to the heaven above, I still love you but whats the use

There’s nothing called True Love


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