a perfect little world

After a long pause I have written my second short story.

You have to dream to perceive a perfectly balanced world or sometimes you have to find a place where all the perfections converge to a set which you can see without dreaming. Once I happen to find such a place among the wilderness of the city life. There was nothing extraordinary there that made it worth the praise but it was its perfect placement that quivered happiness inside me. At a single glance, it was possible to breath in so much of freshness that for the instant you would forget every bit of memory you have lived upon. All the noises and fading hopes that have engulfed the rest of the world seem to have no effect there. Even among the diminishing social behaviour humans are living now, they would see considerable amount of reflection of humanity there. The periphery of the place was nothing more than a small park and yet the embers of beauty that was floating in the air would reach anybody’s heart visiting there. Now the description of what was in there. Starting from the centre, there was a tree. A big old one and the name of it is none of relevance here in comparison to what it did. Ofcourse a tree cannot walk or talk but who needs to walk or talk to paint a dream and that is exactly what it did. Under its hanging branches was a small pond. The water seems to comprise the perfect amount of affection for someone to take in. The very bottom was clearly visible which comprised of multicoloured pebbles. The sunlight that reached the water surface came piercing the tree leaves and this is the painting I was talking about. The rays of light were drawn red by the leaves and when it touched the crystal water, the sparkling surface of the pond became crimson. For the first time it felt red colour was not synonymous to bloodshed or cruelty and hatred but instead something very opposite to these. I went in there and with every step I tried to gulp in as much of freshness as I can.  There was nothing much to the place that can be described with such eclectic details. I sat on the turf below the tree. The air I breathed in felt so magical. And what I did sitting there was very unusual. I quietly sat and smiled to the silence around. Yes there were distant noises but not a single thing did I hear. People will mark you as mad if you are laughing with no one around speaking to you. And I am happy to be called crazy if somebody saw me there giggling with no reason. It felt so soothing sitting there just to be away from the busy and dying life everybody lives. There was nothing much to the place and yet it radiated so much of positive energy. I never mentioned the place to anyone, never wanted others to peak into my perfect little world. I gained a very valuable moral being there. As long as you can drive the darkness away in a room, it doesn’t matter if you are a petty candle or a big light bulb.