A Truth

It feels the world, lost

Among the steps of little roses

Limelight beheaded in emptiness

Milestone to heaven replaced with lies

Devouring thoughts in winter nights

Mind hallucinating with a dream

Secret hide and seek in your love

Conspiracy of a promise

Destroying the will of being together

Amidst, a legacy been foretold

A truth, the hearts will reunite

My first heartbreak!!!!!!!

When i walk over the fallen rose, her memories prick my bare pose

When I walk over the empty sky, her eyes burn my hidden smile

When i search for the angels wing, her hand breaks the hope to sing

When I see the flashback of my past, her kiss reminds me my urge to get her fast

When pebbles drop over the silent lake, i can see only her ever smiling face

When birds rhyme the evening air, the fading light reminds me her falling tears

When water falls from the heaven height, its her love that calls me to win the fight

When lovers share the only rose, I feel her smile touch my empty soul

Now when I try to forget her, her face lit up the room where I write my sunken fear.