THe only wish

I wish you were here, beside me before me
Holding hands, hands that crossed paths not meant for it

Wish you have hugged me, held me tight
Hiding my face in you, the face that was blind to your beauty

The road is so endless, filles with unforgetable regrtes
Wish you were here, here to make moments of colors

I feel myself lost in oblivion, wish you were here
Driving the darkness away, let the blessings touch me

Wish my eyes always found you, in crowd, in trouble
Wish i don’t have t hide in storms, storms that were meant to be faced boldy

I want to laugh and smile, want to feel the moments
Don’t want to miss anything, wish you’d made it possible

Through the eternal life, wish you are with me, in me
Wish you would be mine always and foerver and ever