Yes You Can and Will Do it. A small Appreciation to all those who put their life as Inspiration to others

Holding a might pen, story written on pages
We all do this, eyes open with vivid images

Near perfect dreams, detailed with infinite thoughts
Emotions play fast, changes in dilute loss

Time blend in shadows, colors die in someone’s silence
Walking over fear, a gradual pace to horizon with his kindness

They come to go, few remain to sing victory song
Blood paints road red, never to stop all along

Failure can grip hard, so can spikes of problem
Endless responsibilities can swallow, changing ground will be common

Few cross the wall, even few stand as milestones
Noises to stop are great, ways to fall down many more

Once broken the shackles, aroma fills everywhere
Once reached the top, every trouble is petty affair

Trying is worthy, many failures are definite
But that triumph is always possible after it.

Te Amo <3


Eloquent beauty lies in your face,
Heaven’s charm touch you with grace

World aloof darkness shines in your eyes,
So serene, so pure thoughts fill the sky

Tender lips dipped in endless love,
That smile reflect an angel of belove

A divinity hides behind the rosy cheeks,
World of calmness, stories of hope and dreams you only speak

All the best of day and night
Lives in you, a life void of any fear and fight

Befall the shower of blessing on this fragile dove
Array of joy and sweetness, you carry a HEART of LOVE

A little Off Topic

Well I havn’t got to see the blog of all my followers. Just want to say one thing, guys keep inspiring so i can write more. With your love we change the world to a more happier place to live in. A big thanks to all of you. And yes any and all suggestions are appreciated. There’s a lot to learn from you