A lesson from Unexpected guest


A resilient light

Crept among the giants

Shaking their dreams to sleep

To fill among them

A wish to reach

Prosper to the heaven above

Lies below their past and sorrows

Quietly on the bosom of earth

Some on the brink to fall

And some, too small

Yet lies the hope to succeed

Life’s a standstill for them

Yet they teach,

The most beautiful change

A bitter conversation had brought up this


It was not my mistake, I had counted upon you

You came along to hide the sun

I never told them to cry, Still it rained

It was not my mistake, You weren’t there for me

I had asked you to hold my hand in the darkness

But instead moon showed the path, It was not my mistake

It was not my mistake, i dreamt you

You let the wind crush it like a flower

You left in the middle of the road

It was not my mistake, I had counted upon you

Still I have someone who never takes my mistake

As my destiny been guided by those angels..