This came after spending a night below the night sky


One word, two mouth

A night below twinkling stars

One thought, a desperacy

Mind in perfect dark standstill

One beauty, being replaceable

Only color in the pixelated world

One fear, to face alone

Endless storms to be crossed

One sight, those eyes

Throughtout eternity it stays

One obsession, to love

Every breath that creates moments

One wish, living the dream

To live and die in you, with you

Its after she had left from my life


Defeated, lost in the run

Feet inside the mud

Bullied by everyone

Guilt gripped hard

Days and night passes

Not a dream reached

Ducked inside failure

Eyes craved for you

The ride to destiny

You stood there, me here

Waiting for me to come

Life is small but

Fare enough to fall

Still happiness meant you

Troubles vanish in hug

When you cried

I wasn’t there, yet

You never quit on me

You taught me

How to strive, to fight

You are no angel

But you are no less

Your essence in horizon

Past in blurry pixels

I pick up pace

Crossing the walls

Wobbling yet not to fall

Colors of hope fill in

Bravely facing world

Smiling away in pain

To succeed, to reach the sky

Because You Are Mine

My first poem to start my blogging


The walking stars, the fading night

Below them, just you and I

The love that floats, the sky that stares

We hold each other, with nothing to bear

No words to speak, no secrets to share

The beauty of your kiss drives the night air

You lie over me, and over our dreams

Happiness is the only ending it seems

My heart gets shaken realizing the world is all porous

But your eyes that stares brings me back between us

Our moment of this love flies through the eternal sky

Don’t live anywhere, don’t say GoodBye